During our time together I ask one question to each Iya and daughter. To the Iya I ask for one piece of advice about navigating the world as a black woman and to the daughter I ask if you could say anything as a thank you to your Iya what would it be. Both of their responses were perfectly telling.


“As a Black mother always go above and beyond. You already have three strikes against you when you’re born being a black woman. Always go above what they expect of you. Make your goals higher so that way if you don’t make the goal you have set you’re still making the goal!” Also always be watchful, there are users out there. Users of the good in you. You need to take care of yourself. You give so much and you need to be given back to. 


“Thanks for showing me exactly what a woman should be, what a Godly woman should be. You taught me how to pray, even when things were bad. Things were hard, and we saw you struggle but you never showed us that you were struggling. 

You were the glue that kept us together and I’ve learned that for my kids too. To be strong and teach them how to hold on.