During our time together I ask one question to each Iya and daughter. To the Iya I ask for one piece of advice about navigating the world as a black woman and to the daughter I ask if you could say anything as a thank you to your Iya what would it be. Both of their responses were perfectly telling. 

Deb's advice was to keep being uniquely who she is in her desire to help and mentor others but to also know your boundries. To know your limits. So often with Black women we will work twice as hard to just make our presence known often times to burnout, and it's important to heal as much as we give to others. She also told her to not allow others to tell her her worth and to have her question her own path, no matter how different and slow it may be.

Alexandria thanked her Iya for being such a hard working example and for showing her how to parent well and invest in those around her even when things were less than ideal. Deb modeled sacrifice to  in her support of Alexandria  financially, emotionally, and spirirtually. Deb accepted Alexandria as she found herself and embraced her own journey with her sexual orientation and a new spiritual path that was different than how she was raised. 

Thank you both for such a great conversation and for being so warm, open, and honest.